Coloured Contact Lenses Malaysia

What You Should Know about Coloured Contact Lenses

Comfort Contact lenses have become the best choice for many Malaysians and also globally. The Coloured Contact Lenses brand allow the user to change the appearance of their eyes and also to change the colour (color) of their eyes. They can be worn for special occasions such as Halloween parties, or they can be the best choice for daily use. Therefore, if you are attending a special occasion and would like the natural beauty look customised for the occasion, you can choose from the different available Coloured Contact Lenses product. Note that our new Coloured Contact Lenses can be worn for both prescription purpose and cosmetic purpose.


Simply the Coloured Contact Lenses

For those special moments in your life!

All of our Korean Contact Lenses are certified by KGMP, KFDA, ISO 13485 and CE certifications. All of the lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers and tested by our product development team. Having said so, it is also important to follow proper wear and care guide, get a regular eye exam for maintaining good eye health. Please refer instructions for use for more details.

Please take note that our Coloured Contact Lens are base on Korea and 1 pair of coloured contact lens can be wore up to 1 Months. So it cheaper than you buy 6 Month Coloured Contact Lenses. 

Choose your Coloured Contact Lenses

Do take note that all our Coloured Contact Lens can be wear up to 1 Months

File 23-12-17, 9 35 09 PM

Lucid Dream Series

A little change make you gorgeous everywhere, every time, show your charm off

Photo 23-12-17, 9 25 28 PM

Blanc Rose Series

It does not stand out, but it expresses different look than usual Blanc Rose make you approach with friendly feeling

Photo 23-12-17, 9 16 59 PM

Herrys Blossom Series

It expresses the glamorous that match a special place show your colourful wherever you are with Herrys

File 23-12-17, 10 08 04 PM

Siesta Series

Express an exotic feeling. Siesta is not showy but it will express in natural colour.

Choices of your Contact Lens Colours

Choose your own favourite Contact lens colours


Grey Contact Lenses


Brown Contact Lenses


Black Contact Lenses


Blue Contact Lenses


Green Contact Lenses

Herrys Blossom Plum 1

Pink Contact Lenses

Client Love!

This Contact Lens look so natural on me. Thanks to seller. Will buy more in future 
~ Love Brace

So in love with this 6 months contact lens. comfot and non drying. Safe money

~ Kabelle

Finally found my suitable contact lenses. So comfortable to wear it. And it can wear for 6 months. Safe my $$$ ~ Wei Cong