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Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Affordable Contact Lenses Price for Coloured Contact Lenses is actually a great accessory that many people still don’t want to explore for the fear of pain or that they will fall off leaving them looking weird.

This is not true if you find a perfectly fitting and permeable coloured lens and you should be fine till it’s time to remove it. However, you need to be careful with your contacts since they are sensitive for the Contact Lenses Price and you can easily get a bad infection if you are not careful when using them. There are a number of things that you should always know when dealing with contact lenses.


Choose your Coloured Contact Lenses

Do take note that all our Coloured Contact Lens can be wore up to 6 Months

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Lucid Dream Series

A little change make you gorgeous everywhere, every time, show your charm off

Photo 23-12-17, 9 25 28 PM

Blanc Rose Series

It does not stand out, but it expresses different look than usual Blanc Rose make you approach with friendly feeling

Photo 23-12-17, 9 16 59 PM

Herrys Blossom Series

It expresses the glamorous that match a special place show your colourful wherever you are with Herrys

File 23-12-17, 10 08 04 PM

Siesta Series

Express an exotic feeling. Siesta is not showy but it will express in natural colour.

Choices of your Contact Lens Colours

Choose your own favourite Contact lens colours


Grey Contact Lenses


Brown Contact Lenses


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Blue Contact Lenses


Green Contact Lenses

Herrys Blossom Plum 1

Pink Contact Lenses

What Our Clients Say About Us

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This contact lens look so natural on me. Thanks to seller. Will buy more in future.


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So in love with this 6 Months contact lens. comfort and  non drying. Save money.


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